27 Oct 2013

ViewPagerIndicator AAR packaged

Many people, developing applications for Android, use ViewPagerIndicator library. It's nice and open-sourced (you can clone or fork sources at GitHub). But after Google introduced Gradle build system in Android Studio, that can resolve dependencies through maven central repository we all very lack of AAR packaged version of that library - it's published in maven central, but in other pakaging (jar, apklib, etc.), that can not be properly used by gradle. However, author of ViewPagerIndicator, Jake Wharton doesn't hurry to publish aar packaging. But our developer, Serge Populov already built and published ViewPagerIndicator AAR package for public use.

To add dependency to ViewPagerIndicator AAR:
repositories {
    maven { url "http://dl.bintray.com/populov/maven" }
  • Use in your dependencies as usual:
dependencies {
    compile 'com.viewpagerindicator:library:2.4.1@aar'
Why priorior to mavenCentral?
Otherwise gradle will look first in mavenCentral, find viewpagerindicator artifact with the same version, but won't find aar package and will report an error, without looking for same artifact with another packaging in other repositories.

12 Oct 2013

Office Buzz v1.2

New in this version:
+ Feedback service: read usage advices, vote for new features and send your own ideas or support requests. Now inside application!
+ New icons

- Removed support for Android 2.2 and previous versions

View full version history or application description if you have never faced this application before.

You can download Office Buzz from the following applicaion markets:

Офисный будильник v1.2

Новое в этой версии:
+ Сервис обратной связи: читайте советы по использованию, голосуйте за новые возможности, предлагайте свои собственные идеи или отправляйте запросы в техподдержку. Теперь не выходя из приложения!
+ Новые иконки

- Болше не поддерживаются версии Android 2.2 и младше

Посмотрите полную историю версий или описание приложения, если вы с ним ещё не знакомы.

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