27 Sept 2013

Yamaha WakeUp v0.7 alpha

Wakes up your Yamaha AV-receiver on schedule and control it!

Functions of this α-version:
  • Turn on receiver on custom schedule
  • On wake up set volume and input source
  • Use basic controls at any time: volume, input source
  • Swith radio tuner presets
Tested against Yamaha RX-V673

View application description http://en.haunted-soft.com/apps/yamaha-wakeup

Join alpha-testing

If you want access to α-versions, you should:
Disclamer:  α-versions may be instable and contain some bugs, that will be improved in stable versions, released to all users.

If you want to leave alpha testing, at any time visit alpha testing page in Google Play and follow Google Play instructions.

Why Google+?

Because Google Play has only two ways of defining a set of testers: Google+ and Google Groups. If you prefer Google Groups, write in comments, and I will create one.

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